Cultural Centre of India

Cincinnati OH, Louisville KY & Evansville IN, USA


Traditional Dance Training Is Offered: 

We give participation opportunities in numerous performances to build confidence and improve quality.

We prepare for US National and Regional Dance Scholarship Competitions so our students can reach their potential. Several of our students have won these competitions.

We prepare students for Bharata Natyam Arangetrams and Kuchipudi Ranga Pravesams.

We build a sense of community service in our students as they perform for charitable causes every year. 

We ensure students build confidence, physical and          mental strength as they continue to excel.  
We offer; omplete cultural immersion with end-to-end Indian Themed Event Planning.  Innovative and Traditional Performances, Workshops, Interactive Performances, Master Classes, Meet the Artists - to bring culture, art, dance, music, travel to you.
Our dance performances are designed to be educational and entertaining for schools, libraries, museums, corporate events, weddings, senior centers, charitable fund-raisers and holiday celebrations.  

We closely collaborate with the organizers to design the performance to meet the artistic goals of the event.

Our artists can present solo recitals, group performances by our junior or senior company members.

Some of our dance performance themes include;
  • Traditional: Jai Shri Krishna, Shiva Shakti, Gajananam, Ramayana, Jai Durga Devi, Shri Venkateswara Viabhavam, Shiva Mani Murugan, etc.
  • Innovative: Incredible India, Passage to India, Celestial Dances of India, Bollywood Beat, etc.
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Dance is the Hidden Language of Soul - Martha Graham

  1. Inspire the Audience
    Inspire the Audience
    Our performances bring the cultural connections and understanding to bring artistic joy to both our US and Indian audiences. We help immerse the audiences in the timeless exquisite dance as a way to bring inspiration to everyone.
  2. Artistic Expression
    Artistic Expression
    We help our students to perform and compete based on their individual goals to bring out their full artistic potential. Students also learn about the cultural background extensively so they are well rounded.
  3. Authentic Training
    Authentic Training
    We help students develop strong dance technique with aramandi (demi plie) and abhinayam (facial expression to tell the story) with authenticity and elegance.